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I've been hosted by Olivia for almost a year and a half now and it's a year and a half that I won't regret! There's almost no downtime, generous features, and a lovely small community of hostees. Olivia provides a great hosing plan, and quick service. She's extremely friendly, yet she also adheres strictly to her rules. All in all, I find that Olivia is a responsible and sweet hostess. I always recommend her to those who are looking for a host (Unfortunately, there needs to be more because Olivia deserves it!). - Edel

Okay, are we talking about Miss Olivia Heart? The kind hearted, helpful, supportive, and caring owner of Donemyway? Well, she has been hosting me for like less than one week, but I can truly say she's that alert! Like, I had a problem with this, and I needed support, and she replied within 24 hours! Superb! I never imagined I could ever be accepted here @ DMW, but guess what? Here I am giving thanks to the lovely Olivia Heart =] You've been wonderful and for years! You've been enriching lives! More power to Donemyway (: - Celine

I have been with for over 6 months now and I can truly say that I have had no problem with the server or host. Olivia is quite on time with letting everyone know what is going on with the site, herself, or your hosted domain/subdomain. I remember applying and I received an answer not even three days from applying. The hosting is quite extraordinary, you have all the space you need and could ask for. As well as uptime, there is really "never" an downtime. I have not experienced one yet, and I highly doubt that that will change within the next couple of days...weeks. Thank You Olivia for hosting me. I highly reccommend 100% to anyone interested in being hosted with Olivia. XD It's worth it!!! XP - Lissette

So Pink is a great place to start a subdomain. Olivia is the most helpful host, and whenever I have a problem I can easily ask her and the problem is solved. The server never reaches any down time, and every subdomain under So Pink is extremely talented. Clearly, she makes good decisions. The service she offers is great, AND it's free. I've been hosted by her since February 2009 and my site's gotten lots of compliments, it's almost hard to see a reason NOT to join the family! - Alizen

I was searching a long time for the perfect host. After trying a lot of them, I was half-convinced it didn't exist. Fortunately, I was wrong. The perfect host DOES exist. I found it and it is SO-PINK!! It's just wonderful, complete... In a word: incredible!! Olivia is such a kind person. She will help you with everything you might need, and she is very comprehensive. Not enough? She always answers fast. You can ask for MySQL, and you can have any add-on you want without any advertisement!! Olivia is always trying her best to help us. I'm completely happy with my host. It's the BEST EVER!! And it's free!! Stop thinking about it. Host with Olivia. You'll make sure it is the greatest and most amazing experience you could ever have!! - Giulianne

Olivia's been hosting me for what is quickly approaching half a year, and I couldn't be happier with the wonderful service she provides! She's uber helpful, and always quick to respond whenever I need help. Even with all the other hosts I've had over the years, Olivia's dedication to always helping a hostee in need is still stunning! Thanks Olivia, for being there for me, and here's hoping my site's still around when this years ends so that I can thank you again! - Somalia

If you're like I was, then you've probably been searching the web for a long time for a great host. Obviously, i found my host and its So-Pink =P Not only is So-Pink free of charge, but Olivia is a great host and she tries her best to help you out :] My experience here was amazing, after I sent in my application i got a reply super fast. My FTP account and other information was sent within another day. So-Pink is just the best Free Hosting Site I've ever come across. x] - Sonya

So Pink hosting is amazing! I've never had any downtime, and Olivia was really helpful installing any scripts I needed, and sorting things out when I managed to screw up - she didn't get irritated with my incompetence like I'm sure other hosts would have done, and was really nice about it. - Evie

The biggest thing why I like about this site is the help she tries her best to fix my problem and answer my questions. The other thing is the rules are not strict at all. So-Pink is by far one of the best hosts thanks to Olivia. - Kevin is definitely one of the greatest places to be hosted. Aside from the fact that it's free, Olivia is the best host I could have asked for. She's extremely helpful, and very nice. She's very easy to talk to/get in touch with, and that's a great quality to have. Simply put, So-Pink is the best, and it's a privilege to be hosted by her! - Mel

I love So-Pink because, the owner is helpful and supportive. Also it's a great place for everyone to have their personal site hosted. Plus she even helps you install something like CuteNews, Fanupdate or a photo gallery. I just love So Pink, the owner is very reasonable and great. So Pink is awesome. - Tanzie

So Pink is awesome at web hosting! I love it because Olivia is nice and she will give you warnings about stuff. I also like it because it is free of charge! - Aura

Ah!! I can't explain how amazing the hosting is. There's a suitable amount of space, excellent support, and of course, the awesome Olivia. Olivia provides me not only with a website, but with someone that I can ask for advice about my layouts and such. I definitely recommend's hosting. The deals are amazing and its all free! - Turura

So Pink has been the best! Olivia helped me whenever I had questions and the transition was really smooth. I've heard some really bad stories about other hosting sites and I am so grateful that I am hosted by So Pink, I've never had any problems at all and I highly recommend signing up. - Sarah

Oh my goodness. I'm sorry if I'm so dramatic but I have a right to be. So Pink hosting by Olivia is amazing. Olivia is helpful and so professional. When I first started out with my subdomain, Olivia sent me all the information and even helped me with my site. I was having trouble with learning how to use PHP includes. Olivia really took her time out to help me get it. I love So-Pink! - Michelot

So Pink hosting is so amazing. Olivia is always there if you have problems with your site. She is an amazing host. I couldn't ask for a better host in my life! - Madison

I really like So Pink hosting because everything is made so easy. Olivia is really helpful, especially when you have a problem or when you forget something, and she's always quick to respond to e-mails that you send her. - Rachel

At So-Pink, Olivia has been ever watchful over her hostees. She's always kept in contact, checking in on all the sites and being so helpful! I honestly don't know if I'd still be doing web design if it wasn't for her giving me a chance to keep on going. She's really helpful, really wonderful, and I thank her so much for everything shes done for me (: - Kaela

I was looking for a new host and I came across So-Pink. I immediately fell in love with it! Olivia offers great stuff for a sub domain and she is also a great host! She right away replied to my application and she will also answer your questions right away! She doesn't leave you hanging on what's happening at So-Pink. :) - Kissliin

I've been hosted by for a year now and I absolutely love it. So-Pink is quite helpful with newcomers and always has new and exciting opportunities. If you're inexperienced, she is more than willing to give you advice that's why I loved being hosted by them. - Kadeisha

Olivia is an amazing host! All my friends, visitors and affiliates recommended her the day I told them I was searching for a host. I applied and got a welcoming email back saying I'd get my hosting information shortly. And within two days, I had all my information and a professional FTP system. My site was up and running so quickly, just one or two days after that! She's very open and always invites me to feel free and ask questions. If it had not been for her super fast skill, my site would never have been out of my first, terrible host, and would have been on a long forgotten revamp. Olivia is amazing and So Pink hosting is fantastic! I recommend, that if you're searching for a host, who has no downtime, supports a lot of programs, is active and contacts you, replies to you immediately and is just superbly amazing and easy to use, and who helps you no matter if you really confused, which would be something very irritating. She helps graciously and never shows impatience. Get hosted at So Pink today! It's amazing. - Natalie

So Pink is most definitely THE best hosting website here on the Internet. Olivia helps out so much, and she isn't another cranky site manager. She helps you as soon as you need it, and she is VERY understanding; not to mention how easy it is to get started on her site. Everything you ask for is prompt, and she never surprises you with new crazy rules. Creating my sub-domain with this site has been a great decision on my part. Thanks Olivia! - Carlie

I absolutely love So Pink hosting because whenever I need help, Olivia is always there for me when I need help, and she gets back to me in usually a matter of 5 minutes! Also, everything is free, which makes the experience even better! If anybody is ever interested in hosting, so-pink is the best place everr! - Ashley

So Pink is simply fantastic. I've never experienced such kind of cordial help! Whenever I want help, Olivia is there with a solution.. I'm really happy to be hosted by So Pink! - Ashima

So Pink hosting is the best. I love it because we have a host who is very helpful and patience. If you are having a problem she will try her best to help you as soon as possible. Also we have lots of space without so many rules. - Racquel

The thing I love the most about So Pink hosting is the easy contact with Olivia. When you want to tell/ask something about the site, she contacts you right away and always answers back clearly so you understand. She also helps you with anything you need. Last of all she makes things so easy for everyone, it's brilliant! - Dianne

So Pink is by far the greatest host ever. Olivia is really nice and I love that she tells you everything that is going on with the site, before she does anything. This is by far the greatest host EVER!! I mean it doesn't get any better than this!! - Erin

I love having a subdomain under So Pink. Olivia is a wonderful person, she helped me whenever I had problems getting things started. Her hosting is also free and you have up to 25 subdomains! I'm glad to start off with her subdomain, you do not have to worry about buying extra space because she offers a lot of space on her subdomain hosting. I've made a decision to keep my subdomain for two to three years and buy a domain, but use So Pink hosting! It was a good place to go to get me started with my subdomain, especially since I'm majoring in Web & Graphic Design for college. It also helps me push my promotions that I've been doing since I was 11, in 2002. Love the subdomain hosting for So Pink!! - Deneshia

I love being hosted by So Pink, because Kitty will always install any script I want her to: Cutenews, Wordpress, Fanupdate, Whatever! She always helps with coding, CSS and anything like that. She's nice and friendly, and I love being hosted by So Pink. - Emma

Olivia is helpful with our troubles. She does what she can to make us all happy, and she is fair. - Carly

I applied for hosting, and I got an e-mail back about 2 days later. Right away, she gave me my FanUpdate information, FTP, and all of that. Whenever I have had problems with my site, I just had to e-mail her, and she helped me out right away. I've had a great experience being hosted by her, and I recommend that you get hosted too! You'll love it. - Sophie

I love So Pink hosting because it was really easy to set up. When i first applied Olivia replied quickly and then helped me by setting up wordpress for me to use, a service which most hosts do not offer. Every time I email her with a problem or query she gets back to me quickly and always offers her help in every way that she can. I would recommend So Pink hosting to anyone. - Paul

I like this hosting as the domain has a nice name and also Olivia is very accepting when it comes to the types of sites that she will host. I'm also happy with the amount of space I have been given :] - Rachel

Why do I love So Pink hosting? It is because Olivia is a very helpful host. And she tries to help us with our every problem, plus you get lots of space! :) - Shanaia

So Pink is the best hosting on the net! I'm very new to it, but I can already tell that it's amazing! I've tried loads of other hosts, but could never figure out how they worked. Within a few hours of getting my information, I had my home page set up and was busy working on the rest! So Pink is reliable, and very helpful, so why go to any other host? - Laney

I have been searching the web constantly for a free host that gives no limitations, no ads, no spam, and great help. To my disappointment, I hardly found any. Until I came across So Pink Hosting. At first, I thought, "It might be like the other free hosting companies out there" But it was not, at all. I applied, and I was really amazed that this site was the best I found. Olivia was extremely helpful and she made my experience at So Pink a total breeze. Whenever there were questions or problems to be resolved about hosting or my site, she was readily available. With hardly any downtime and a great host to work with, So Pink has to be my number one recommendation for a Free Hosting Service. - Angela

Olivia is the best host ever! She helps you with any questions you have, she truly wants you to understand it! She is really understanding and helps with everything dealing with your site! I couldn't imagine having another host! - Sara

So Pink is by far the best hosting out there. I highly recommend you go to Olivia at So Pink, because she's the only site I know of that offers sub-domains and domains absolutely free of charge. I have been with her for a while now, and I got to say I have nothing to complain about :] Olivia is the greatest host ever! Love ya girl - Summer

Anytime anyone asks me for a nice cool host for anything I immediately think Olivia Kitty because she is so experienced and nice. She knows so much about coding and works so hard and the hosting is amazing. The hosting is reliable and I can trust so-pink to have my site up 100%. - Taryn

I love So Pink hosting due to how easy it is to use unlike various hosts I've tried. As well as the ever so friendly and helpful host Olivia, who tries extremely hard to reply straight away to all of my questions and concerns. Not only is she helpful, but also provides me with a website host, without her Kawaii Wishes would not exist. Thanks so much Olivia - Tayy

I heart So Pink hosting because when I have a problem with something I can always ask. I heart So Pink hosting because it's the best place for have a website. ^^ I heart So Pink hosting because I have got much space for my website. I heart So Pink hosting because I don't need to install cutenews, gallery, etc by myself. - Weronika

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