FAQs Done my way (FAQs)
  1. Why choose you?
    Done my way hosting service is accompanied by excellent support.
    From the time of acceptance, I make myself available to help with any problems or requests.
    An efficient server keeps your website online, and off-site backups of all accounts are taken daily.

  2. Who is your host?
    Dmw is hosted on a virtual private server at KnownHost as of December 2009.
    Off-site backups are stored by Flipper Host as of January 2012.

  3. Who is the owner?
    I am Olivia Heart. A 23 year old accountant developing her web presence.
    Someone who wishes to provide a canvas for budding web developers.
    To learn more, visit my personal blog.

  4. How exclusive are you?
    Dmw is not exclusive. Most applications are accepted.
    I encourage everyone to apply, and try again if denied.

  5. Are you accepting links or advertisers?
    I am not currently doing link exchanges, partners, or affiliates.
    Serious parties wishing to advertise may contact me for a quote.
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