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Olivia is a great host, she is very nice and very flexible. The hosting itself is fantastic with more than enough space and great extra features. I do have one problem though, but its with me not finding this site earlier. Thanks! - Gabriel A

Olivia is the best host in the world. I've taken my sweet time finishing up my site, and she's been amazingly patient. She has rules that make us all represent her well, and she deserves that, all of the way. I recommend her over some of the top hosting sites around!! - Cody

Olivia is a great host. She gives me the freedom to almost do anything appropriate with my adopted domain. I've been taking a while to get it up and she doesn't bother me about it everyday saying get the site up or something, she gives me the time to do quality work for the site. - Nikki

I am so lucky to have found Olivia and DMW! I couldn't afford a domain because my parents no longer had a paypal and OMG Olivia saved my life! My old site got deleted and it was just a now I have a (dot)com! Free! How could anyone who lets you use their domains for free be mean?! - Kara

I love So Pink! I am so lucky to have found So Pink. She has helped me every time I have questions. I would totally recommend this host! - Jea Marie

I love So Pink Hosting. Though I have never been hosted by anyone before, I still think Olivia is by far the best host out there. She is always around to help you when you need it. The servers are amazing. She is very kind. And, well, let's face it, Olivia and her hosting are amazing. And if I had to recommend any host, it would be hers. - Ginger

I love Olivia at So Pink! I had so many questions and she helped out with every single one. I mean first of all she gave me a free domain with free hosting, and then she helped me with all my questions! I mean seriously, she has to be ther best host ever. Whenever other layout sites are looking for a host, I always suggest So Pink because Olivia's just so amazing! (: - Laina

I'm really glad I found! Olivia is a very good host. It's my first time adopting a site and the set-up she gave me is very easy to follow. provides plenty of space,lots of features and absolutely free! There's nothing more to ask for! Thanks to Olivia. :) - Gretchen

Olivia is the best host I ever have. Which host is so good to their hostees to help them back up the files and move to a better server? Which host is always there for you when you need help? Which host is friendly to their hostees? So Pink is the answer to all these questions. I am really glad to have Olivia as my host. :) Furthermore, So Pink family is quite friendly too. - Sakura

I love because the host Olivia is extremely nice and helpful. She has 24/7 support, and her site is nearly never down. Olivia is also one of the most helpful hosts because she ALWAYS tells you what's happening! Like, for example when we had a server transfer, she told us when it started and ended. Overall, Olivia is one of the best hosts by far! - Mandi

So Pink is such a great host! It is hard to find great hosts these days, but I honestly have to say So Pink is the BEST! Olivia always lets you know exactly what is happening, so there are never any unpleasant surprises. All your files, etc. are safe and well taken care of with Olivia. Definitely very happy with So Pink! - Paulina

I love So Pink hosting because it is an opportunity to show the talent you have and to experience the real feeling of owning your own domain. Once you have your domain it is your chance to let your ideas flow and come true. I am still thankful for everything Olivia has done for me and for the domain which was given to me. Olivia is one of the most incredible host, which actually talks to you and helps you when you need help. So next time you consider looking for a host just think So Pink =) - Cristhian

So-Pink Hosting is THE BOMB! Olivia is a great host & Ive been with her longer than any of her hostees & she's been my longest host out of all of the 5 sites I've had. She's always willing to help if needed & she hosts tons of people, so she does quite well considering the number of people she hosts. Everything is free & customized to suit your basic web needs. The rules are simple. Link Back, Don't be a thief, update reasonably, have a little of your own creativity, & just be respectful. You won't find another host site like So-Pink :-) - Kay

I like So Pink Hosting, because you can be hosted for FREE! It's also a very easy-to-use website. It's not difficult to find what you are searching for. There are a lot of nice names to adopt. That's why So Pink Hosting is the best! - Lisa

So Pink Hosting is too good to be true! Olivia has given me what I never thought I'd get for free. I mean, just think about it- a free domain and loads of space and in return you don't even have to get hundreds of hits a day! Olivia is definitely one of the most generous hosts around and I'd totally recommend anyone to get hosted by her. - Nikana

I love So Pink hosting because it's reliable. You don't have to ever worry about your site messing up. On top of it all, the owner (Olivia) is very friendly and helpful! - Monique

I love being hosted at So Pink hosting. Of the many hosts I have had in the past, Olivia has always been the most helpful and understanding. I feel that she knows exactly what every website owner needs and wants for his or her site. I have never had any downtime and all of my requests were always handled as soon as possible. Olivia also gave me the opportunity to work with my very first domain, something I had been dreaming of ever since I started web designing. She is definitely the best host anybody could ever have! - Shrew hosting is simply fantastic. The servers are never down since I've got my site hosted by Olivia. I love how much space I currently have and Fantastico made installing scripts so much easier! It's all free and Olivia will help her hostees if they need any assistance. So Pink = Awesomeness!! - Patricia

I love because when I was looking for a place to get hosted - I was looking for more then a host. I was looking for a host that I could consider my family and reliable. That is exactly what I've found at The service is great, never down but always working. She provides up to date news on the main site If it was not for Olivia I would not have had my wonderful site that I have now - plus the free adopted domain. I love hosting, I would recommend it to anyone looking to find a great host. I plan to be hosted with Olivia at for as long as she provides service. :) - Toya

I love So Pink hosting because its simple. Easy rules to follow, and great space. Its all you can ask for for FREE! - Tyric

I love So Pink with all my heart. Olivia is very generous, and kindest host you could ever have. She is a amazing host! I love so pink, because its gives us plenty of space, bandwidth and more. ;] - David

So Pink hosting is the most AMAZING host site. Olivia is the most amazing host ever. She's generous and quite helpful! Honestly, she's probably the most patient host ever. I've never met a person as patient as herself. I never, ever want to change hosts; I'm quite satisfied with mine. It's an honor to be a part of So Pink. - Leana

I absolutely love So Pink hosting! Olivia is so helpful. Whenever I email her with a question, she always responds quickly, and with a solution to my problem. Plus, she is always so nice! Not only is So Pink free, but it's the best hosting service I have ever experienced. So Pink is everything I could ever ask for in a hosting service! - Emmy

So Pink Hosting is too good to be true. You get a Olivia, a great person as a host who will help you through any issues, and plenty of space! I won't be seeing myself with any other hosts soon, because in my eyes, nobody can top So Pink! - Silver

So-Pink web hosting is absolutely brilliant. Amazing uptime, fast replies to queries, what more can I ask for? - Shawn

So Pink is such a great hosting website. Olivia is so helpful, and can answer all of your questions. I suggest So Pink for hosting! - Emme is a great host! Olivia helps you when you ask for help and there is absolutely no downtime at all! Plus,its free. I totally recommend for hosting - Francine

So Pink is the best hosting site ever. Everything is totally perfect. Perfect disk space, email accounts, subdomains, you name it and plus the most perfect host Olivia lol :) I've never had problems with her, no downtimes, you feel completely free ! :D So Pink will last forever and ever, Olivia is the best host ever! - Pauline

I moved to So-Pink because I had heard and read all of these testimonials, and I thought that it must be the best choice. I love So-Pink hosting because it has a super-fast server and the best host EVER. Olivia helps me when I need it and she is just plain awesome. - Emmie

So Pink is great! Olivia helps you at everything you need, definitely the greatest host I've ever had. I'm in LOVE with So Pink, really great, and you get a cPanel! - Lille

When I was first hosted, by a commercial site, it was awful. I got no assistance what so ever, and my space was just minimal. So when I decided to look for a new host, I stumbled across So Pink hosting. And boy, was that the best internet find ever! The process was easy and fast, and my questions are usually answered within an hour of asking them! The host is awesome and I wouldn't even consider leaving! - Turhan

I love So Pink because the Olivia is extremely nice. There is no down time or technical problems. And of course because its free! I never want to use any other hosting because none compare to So Pink. :) - Nick

So-Pink Hosting is awesome. There's good communication between the host and the hostees so we'll always know what's going on (usually in advance =D ). I can get help quickly whenever I need it, it's reliable; and best of all, it's free, so I can still blog without worrying about all the fees. - Ally

Olivia's hosting gives everyone many opportunities to flourish. You can add on subdomains and email accounts. And she is always there to help with any questions, problems, or concerns. She is constantly striving to make So-Pink hosting the best hosting out there. Did I mention it's totally free? That is one of the many perks of it. She holds contests and many other fun things for her hostees regularly! For example, she holds domain giveaways. That's how I got my domain! She also offers adoptable domains for those who cannot afford to purchase a domain. I've tried many different hosts and none have satisfied me as much as having Olivia at So-Pink hosting! I recommend her for all users, both relatively new to web design and those with lots of experience! - Sara

I�m so glad I chose So Pink hosting over other free web hosts. Olivia makes So Pink different to other hosts. I always feel that her number one priority is those who are hosted by her and she�s always there to help if you have a problem. - Lauren

Why do I love So-Pink hosting: So-Pink is not like any other hosting site. It is completely and 100% reliable. Since I've been hosted by So-Pink I have never experienced any technical difficulties, everything has been going great and perfectly normal. Not only that, it also has an amazing host; Olivia. She is 100% reliable. Always there when you need her even when you feel like you're getting on her nerves with the questions. She always helps the best way she can. Does whatever she can for you and sometimes instead of doing it for you, she teaches you to do it your self. That's one of the many things I love about her. I am very grateful to be hosted by Olivia and will never want to change host. - Isi

So Pink hosting has been one of the best host i've ever had! I almost never experience any server issues or downtime. Everything is done very professionally and is well organized. Olivia is always willing to help out at any time and is never more than an email away. The service is great and friendly, and best of all everything is offered free! I could never see myself switching to another host! - Amber

I love So Pink hosting because it never has any down time. I got a domain for free and I can do whatever I want with it! It's definitely the best hosting I've received...EVER. - Bekah

I am Proud to say that Olivia At is my host. I'm not sure how long I have been hosted by her but I don't plan on leaving lol. I know its been awhile. Anyways So-Pink Hosting is the best out there no doubt, Olivia is very kind and very helpful you you need help. All you gotta do is ask and she will help you out in some way :D All I am saying is Olivia should be your first and last choice for hosting. Shes is amazing and so is So-Pink - Summer

Olivia at So pink is by far the best host I've ever had. She is so helpful and if I have any questions she answers really quickly. My domain never has any problems and she is always there if I have any questions. I am so lucky to have a host like her. I recommend her to anybody. New or experienced she is definitely an awesome host to have. =] - Jenna

What can I say about So-Pink hosting? I can most definitely say it is without a doubt, amazing! Olivia is the best host in the universe! I never have down time what so ever, she gives me more than enough space, and all that is required is a link back. She helps with anything you need. If you have any questions or comments, she replies almost instantly! She's the best host you'll be able to find, and I can guarantee that. - Mikayla

Olivia is by far one of the best hosts that I have ever had. Anytime I've had a question or something to say, she immediately replied! I've had absolutely no down time, complications, or any negative happenings with her and that is definitely a plus! I wish all hosts could be as nice & concerned to hostees as Olivia is. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! - Mara

Olivia is a great host. I have never had any problems with her and her server is never down or has had any problems. She's really helpful and quick to answering emails. Her guidelines are simple and not strict like other hosts I considered. Olivia has also provided me with more than enough space. She is the best host I've had so far. - Jessica

Why do I love So Pink hosting? I Know! Olivia is the best host I've ever had. And let me tell you I've tried a lot of hosts. She always helps those who can't do something or don't understand. She always stops by my website and comment even when she doesn't have to. She'll tell people if they need to change something on their website. Olivia always wants the best for her hostees. Gosh, I just love her and her hosting. There's soooo much more, but I don't want to make this like a presidential speech. - Nadine

Olivia is by-far the best host I've ever had. So Pink hosting gives me the amount of web space I need, and a host that eagerly responds to my emails when I'm having trouble with my site. I'm more than proud to be part of the So-Pink family! - Alicia

So Pink is the BOMB!!! Olivia is such a great host and I'm pretty sure everyone hosted by her agrees! Olivia is so nice, she emails updates whenever you havent visited her site lately and the best part is is that she has FREE hosting!!! No one else has done that and been so successful! So Pink will last forever! - David

I've been hosted many times previously, But I've never been across a host such as, Olivia the hostess is such a helpful person always being there for her hostees when they need her. The servers are really good and I personally haven't came across downtime yet. I recommend anyone that wants an awesome host to apply here. - Washy

So Pink is the best web hosting and Olivia is the best host. I've never thought of changing to other host. Olivia has given me a lot of opportunity to accomplish what I have today. The best part is that she helps everybody who needs help with anything. - Bella

I love being hosted by So Pink! The very few rules mandated are extremely reasonable (and only polite) and my subdomain seems to have a never ending amount of space! In addition, Olivia is extremely gracious and kind, and has even installed scripts for me that I wasn't sure how to do myself. Personally, I think that So Pink must be one of the best hosting sites around. ^_^ - Carissa

So Pink is the best host I have ever had. Olivia offers great deals, support, and anything else a hostee needs. I have been with her for almost a year now and I have no intentions what so ever to leave. Thanks for everything Olivia! - Emma

Being hosted by Olivia has truly been a great experience. Not only is she a kind webhost, but she never bombards me with e-mails or tries to control my site. Olivia is always there whenever I need assistance. I recommend the hosting services at So Pink to any aspiring website owner who would like a kind, helpful hostess like Olivia. - Char

So Pink hosting is awesome! I have had no downtimes or any server errors since I've switched! Great support and awesome hostess =D I have plenty of space, subdomains & MySql databases. & Best of all its free. - Kayee

So Pink offers lots of space. Olivia is a very helpful host, and offers lots of great features & cpanel, which is excellent! - Emma

She is always there to help, and always has the best help. She is constantly doing her best to make So Pink better, and a great site to be hosted with. Not only does she give great advice on help... If you can't fix something yourself, she'll always be there to personally help you. - Vickii

So Pink is the best host I've ever had. Olivia was quick to respond to my application, and set up my account quickly. She always keeps you updated, and never out in the dark! Since I've been here, I've experienced no downtime. I have a good amount of space, and haven't exceeded it yet. Why are you still reading this?! Go and apply!!! :P - Jocelyn

I love So Pink, because I never had downtime, and If I did I didn't see or notice it (which is good). I love the owner for keeping in contact, and helping me. When I ask for a favor or anything she is always there. How do you think I got my domain? Thanks to the great owner of So Pink, I now have a blog to shed my crappy rants when I get upset. Olivia rocks and is well recommended. - Tiara Lynn

So Pink is so good! There are very few hosting packages that I've found that offer more than 250MB of space with such a nice host that is always quick to respond. I would absolutely recommend So Pink to anyone who is looking for a good host and lots of space for their website. (: - Ashlee

So Pink Hosting is so far the best in the business. The server is never down. I'm definitely staying with Olivia, and So Pink for good. Olivia is not just a host, she's a friend. - Richard Deehan

I love this hosting site, because it offers free domain and sub domain without paying anything! Olivia is the most wonderful and most kind person I've ever met in the web. So Pink is a great host. One of the best actually. :D - Pam

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